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Biggest gathering for pharmacists all around iraq and kurdistan region

The 3rd Pharmacy Summit Iraq/Kurdistan (PSIK) 2022 – Conference & Exhibition
is going to be held this year in its third edition.  To celebrate World Pharmacists Day, in which many activities will be performed around the world to improve the role of pharmacists and developing their profession and knowledge, this event is a part of these efforts, to raise the role of the pharmacists and for the pharmacy profession in the region.
PSIK 2022 will be the biggest gathering for all of the pharmacists around Iraq and Kurdistan Region.
In its third edition this year, PSIK 2022 includes a conference to discuss the recent related topics to the pharmacists and their issues, and an exhibition in which most of the well-known pharmaceutical companies will participate to show their recent achievements and products to the visitors and guests.
PSIK 2022 which will collect all the pharmacists from all around Iraq including Kurdistan Region, held by the Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacists, Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists, with the active participation of three ministers from KRG namely Minister of Planning of KRG, Minister of Health of KRG, Minister of Higher Education of KRG (Or his representative), General Director of Health Affairs at Ministry of Health of both Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government, International Federation of Pharmacists (FIP), World Health Organization (WHO),



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Aim of psik 2022

The PSIK is a unique event for the pharmacists in the Iraq and Kurdistan Region, which collects all of the pharmacists from around Kurdistan and Iraq, and gathering them face to face with the governmental leaders of pharmaceutical sector, to listen to each other and make better decisions on how to improve the sector.

In organizing this event, PSIK aims to collect all the pharmacists around whole of Iraq cities in one place, discuss the important topics which are related to all of them, and to have better communications among them in order to have better outstanding and improve more.

psik 2022 conference

The conference will take place during the event. Different panels will be held, with the participation of top governmental authorities that are related to the profession of pharmacy. The conference will try to collect both the Head of Medicinal Control Agency and Registration Department at Ministry of Health of both Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government to meet on the same table, for the purpose of discussing and uniforming the process of importation and permission of medicines. This will be a great and unique opportunity that PSIK 2022 provides by collecting both of these heads and leaders of both Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government to discuss.


Some of important topics that will be covered in the conference:

  • Scientific, Education & Professional seminars

  • Trainings and Workshops

  • Stage Panels

  • Pharmacists Gala Dinner & Entertainment

Psik 2022 exhibition

For the first time and in this year, the PSIK 2022 will hold an exhibition during the event. In the exhibition, many companies will participate to show their latest products, achievements and improvements aiming for advancing the healthcare and improving the overall health of patients.

More than 800 local and international companies and scientific bureaus are invited to the

exhibition, all around Iraq.

A large number of well-known pharmaceutical companies are participating in the exhibitions and will have their own booth, this provides a big opportunity so that the large number of the participants of PSIK 2022 and visitors will get to see the products and services of these companies and to facilitate their communication and exchanging of products and ideas. PSIK 2022 Provides a large space of more than 1500 m2 for the companies to identify themselves and to represent their talents and unique products to the governmental leaders, consulates, WHO, FIP and a huge number of pharmacists in all the stages and ages.

biggest gathering for pharmacists

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