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PSIK 2022 will be the biggest gathering for all of the pharmacists around Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

The 3rd Pharmacy Summit Iraq/Kurdistan 2022 is going to be held this year under the theme of “Iraq/Kurdistan National Pharmacy Practice Summit 2022”.  To celebrate World Pharmacists Day, in which many activities will be performed around the world to improve the role of pharmacists and developing their profession and knowledge, this event is a part of these efforts, to raise the role of the pharmacists and for the pharmacy profession in the region.

PSIK 2022 will be the biggest gathering for all of the pharmacists around Iraq and Kurdistan Region.

PSIK 2022 includes a conference to discuss the recent related topics to the pharmacists and their issues, and an exhibition in which most of the well-known pharmaceutical companies will participate to show their recent achievements and products to the visitors and guests.

psik 2022

Is going to be held on 10th September 2022, to celebrate World Pharmacists Day.



10th September 2022


Grand Millennium Hotel
Sulaimanyiah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Organized by

Syndicate of Iraqi Pharmacists and Syndicate of Kurdistan Pharmacists

Aim of psik 2022

Collecting pharmacists

The PSIK collects all of the pharmacists from around Kurdistan and Iraq, and gathering them face to face with the governmental leaders of pharmaceutical sector, to listen to each other and make better decisions on how to improve the sector.

important topics

In organizing this event, PSIK aims to collect all the pharmacists around whole of Iraq cities in one place, discuss the important topics which are related to all of them, and to have better communications among them in order to have better outstanding and improve more.

Conference & exhibition

PSIK 2022 consists of a conference and exhibition, through which many recent pharmaceutical topics will be covered and the guests will get to know them better.



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Grand Millennium Hotel Sulaimani

Located in Sulaimanyiah, Kurdistan Region of Iraq

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